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Optical Fiber Lighting, a star ceiling: PRODUCTS KEI : Links

Please e-mail to info@products.kei.com if you wish to place your link.


The [Shoumei to Sumai] (Lighting and Housing) offers the information about lighting that makes your life more comfortable and enjoyable.The site also carries ideas about effective usage of lighting or basic knowledge regarding lighting.


Reading as "homura-an" We are a community site for people who are interested in lighting.

Samejima Bonding Clinic

"Bonding" means a family tie. From an obstetrician's view, we encourage people to establish a strong relationship between parents and children.

Kameoka Chuou Rotary Club.

The general information about Kameoka Chuou Rotary Club.


The Mekiki Group is made up with members who have mekiki(special area of expertise and talents). Each member offers to share their own knowledge, or special area of expertise through the networks. By respecting and honoring the value of each member's mekiki, members are empowered to work with more energy and effect.

Kameoka Chamber of Commerce

Presented by Kameoka Chamber of Commerce. The site contains basic information about living in Kameoka-city.

Kameoka Chamber of Commerce's members

The links of homepages of Kameoka Chamber of Commerce's members.

Hoshi No Onisan

The official site of "Hoshi No Onisan"aims to get to know many people and wishes many people's happiness in their lives.


The Parallel Eyes is a theatrical company that is assembled by Kazuki Maeda who is a playwright and director. The company basically plays in Kansai area twice/ three times a year.

Gallery Mami

[Gallery Mami] mainly collects the engravings created by Mr. Iwao Akiyama. We possess special artworks by his own hand painting.

The online shopping site for Shigaraki stoneware

The online shopping site for Shigaraki stoneware. Bathroom sinks, bathtubs, garden lanterns and more items are available.

Akio Takeda Architects

1. Preserve our home over 100 years.
2. Create a worthy property we could love and use for a long time.
3. Respect the natures.
4. Build a home sweet home for our children.
5. Build a beautiful town.
6. establish the environment that is filled with originality and harmony
7. Respect our environment, safety and wealth.

Kawamura "NOH" butai

"Noh" is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama. "Noh" is never bored, but dramatic with poems, music, and art. It brings you incredible impression.

Estate Yamamoto

The estate agency in Kameoka city; Estate Yamamoto

Genta Mori

Animals, plants, insects, oceans, mountains, skies and the earth...all filled with life. Life is important and precious to all. This site includes songs of lives.


Healthy foods, supplements and more items related to health and beauty are available at Kyo10.


This is a diary written by "Kokoro-no-boss" Please fill out your comment.


Benit Co. provides solution for your business with IT technology. To solve a problem, the following steps are required: find a problem"analysis"propose solution"prictice"evaluation


Since our establishment from 50 years ago, we have aimed to create high quality and well-designed seals (a stamp containing Chinese characters) at competitive prices .

000zeroshop 000zeroshop. ADSL+ phone service = 0 YEN


Please feel free to inquire us regarding real estates around Kansai-area. We could provide the information about brokerage, management, space for retail and more.

MURYOU DOUGA Lines of news channels, movies (exclude adult contents) and more.

Tabularasa-design is specialized in the art works from DTP to web-site. Product Kei is our clients.


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